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Hi! We are Svilen - @spovv and Martina - @mip and we are @SM-artists. Our hobby is to create funny characters each with its own story.

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“The Little Princess” Game and FREE Game Icons

In the time of great kings, an evil dragon lived. For many years he tortured the people.  But one day he was eaten. Yes, it sounds incredible, but he was devoured by the gluttonous princess Khaleesandra, the one and only spoiled daughter of King Toblerone the 8th. She was so voracious that she even tried to eat the clouds, thinking they were made of cotton candy. Unfortunately for her, the dragon had a brother who was determined to take revenge on the gluttonous Khaleesandra. His madness was as great as the princess’ voracious appetite but the king was always watching over his little princess.

Music by www.bensound.com

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Handmade icons in vector format you can use in your future game. Visit the download link below and enjoy!


Ai and PSD file with 10 shape icons
LICENSE: Free for use in personal and commercial projects.