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Hi! We are Svilen - @spovv and Martina - @mip and we are @SM-artists. Our hobby is to create funny characters each with its own story.

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Sukanto Debnath


Sukanto Debnath

Character Design, Illustration, Animation
Hyderabad, India
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I am an artist; Started as an animator in the year 2000, currently working in DQ Entertainment ltd; for a little more than nine years. I design characters, backgrounds, do storyboards and all those stuff one does in pre-production. I also directed the 2D animated series of Feluda. I still don’t know 3D and I love drawing… I also do a little bit of photography. That’s just a hobby though; I love doing environmental and ethnic portraits, you can also check them out at http://www.flickr.com/photos/sukanto_debnath/